Industrial Design Spotlight: Versatile Frameless Sign Display

Industrial Design Spotlight: Versatile Frameless Sign Display - GSP

Modular System for Multiple Applications

GSP’s versatile frameless sign display is composed of 2-4 3mm Sintra or equivalent flexible poster material attached to a steel wire frame construction.

It can be mounted to a wall, counter or gondola, hung from the ceiling or utilized as a freestanding floor stand with optional baskets or shelves.

This versatile system is ideal for a number of different POP applications and could be used as a menuboard, standee/entrance promotion or sidewalk sign and is modular enough to even incorporate as kiosks throughout the store.

This sign display can be customized to work with a variety of colors and materials, to match your store décor and brand. The panels are completely changeable and pop in and out with ease for quick pricing or promotional changes.

Versatile Frameless Sign Display Features:
• Vertical or horizontal application
• Can be customized to match store brand colors and materials
• Custom configurations available in different panel sizes
• Modular for multiple configurations