POP Cost Management

To control your advertising budget, you need to know total quantity and unit price before you produce anything.

Total Quantity and Unit Price

GSP ensures you pay the lowest price possible for complex, point-of-purchase programs by leveraging your store profile data to print only what is required at the store and nothing more. Retailers typically overpay by as much as 30% because they don’t understand site profiles. This leads to overproducing printed elements that end up going to waste at the stores. Not only is this not environmentally friendly, it’s affecting your bottom line! With our store-specific fulfillment software, you can turn your point of purchase program into a hyper-local marketing campaign. Every campaign kit is tailored by store to drive down costs. You only pay for the exact amount of elements you need. In addition, we use a combination of digital and screen-printing – choosing whichever is lower in cost for you, regardless of the overall order size.

Back it up

GSP takes it one step further: We back up our lowest cost offering. With our Auditable Pricing Grid, you will receive the lowest price and know all costs prior to producing any element.

Budget Control

Our software gives you the ability to generate invoices for all POP orders. You can easily audit invoices by comparing them to approved orders. This provides complete billing transparency and budget control. Sort your invoices in a number of ways – by sign, by promotion, by product category, by organizational division, and by state – for complete flexibility, tailored to your needs. In addition, the system allows third-party billing directly to pre-approved vendors.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

If for any reason a store receives incorrect POP, we promise to replace and ship the correct item for free.