AccuStore® Campaign Management

Flawless execution of your promotional campaigns.

AccuStore® Campaign Management helps you execute your promotional campaigns flawlessly by linking all the stakeholders involved in the development, implementation and execution of a successful promotion.

100% Store-specific Summaries

Campaign Management simplifies implementation of marketing programs and allows for retailers to target multiple aspects of promotional details at the store level by delivering 100% store-specific promotional summaries.

Campaign Management enables flawless retail execution.

  • Eliminates redundant, parallel effort by vendors, category managers, sales planners and administrators by providing a single source of truth for promotional data and a web-based database for sharing all promotional data.
  • Creates store-specific promotion summaries for individual stores – and can export to price book.
  • Streamlines capturing of promotional data through data entry short-cuts within the application, such as dropdown menus of frequently entered text, import promotions from Excel feature and the ability to copy previously entered promotions.
  • Verifies promotional distribution with reports that check exception data such as duplicate promotions, products without promotions and stores without products or promotions.