Onsite Surveys Enabled Seamless Fountain Translight Roll-out

""The rollout of our recent PolarPop™ Translight program was essentially seamless.""

Terry Brown
Advertising Manager

The Client

The Arizona Business Unit of Circle K stores, which operates approximately over 625 stores in Arizona and Nevada. Known worldwide for quality products and great customer service, Circle K is one of the most widely recognized convenience store brands.

The Challenge

A new translight POP campaign with new PolarPop™ graphics was going to be rolling out soon. Circle K Arizona wanted to ensure that even with all the different store locations, fountain machine sizes and specifications that the rollout of the new campaign and execution at the store level would be as seamless as possible - something that previous campaigns have failed to accomplish.

The Solution

GSP’s Professional Onsite Surveyors were brought in to conduct site surveys at all 625+ locations, capturing specific data points, including translights. All the survey data was then compiled and stored in the AccuStore software platform, resulting in highly accurate site profiles for each store location. When it was time to roll out the new PolarPop™ translight campaign, a quick Dynamic Query report on all the translights enabled an efficient site-specific campaign rollout based on the most complete and accurate data available.