Your In-Store Messaging Must Change Due to COVID-19, Here’s How - Part 1

Your In-Store Messaging Must Change Due to COVID-19, Here’s How - Part 1 - GSP

COVID-19 has changed the way you operate your stores and communicating that to your customers is key. Changes such as new or altered store hours, revised self-service policies, new cleaning protocols and inventory updates provide shoppers peace of mind and that’s critical right now.

Here’s how to keep your customers in the know with signage and POP that helps inform, guide, reassure and show you care.

Inform Shoppers of Changes

COVID-19 guidelines are bringing about a lot of change right now. Pausing the use of refillable cups and doing away with self-serve food requires communication with your customers. Easy-to-read signage indicating these new updates is the best way to alert patrons. Place signs with these new mandates near fuel pumps, on exterior doors and inside your stores. Don’t shy away from using images or icons to visually demonstrate your message. This could be an “X” over an image of a customer filling a coffee cup or grabbing a donut alongside an image of a glove-wearing employee handing a customer a sealed coffee or wrapped donut.

Guide Customers Through Your Stores

Change can be challenging. Now’s the time to offer your customers guidance and let them know what’s different in and around your store. From floor clings that assist with social distancing to signage showing customers where to line up for hot food pickup that was once self-serve, get their attention with shelf talkers, wobblers, 3D signage and POP. Use large signage spotlighting your new takeout area outside the store to prevent customers from having to get out of their cars. Offering special meal deals as a dining out alternative? Why not use this same signage to promote your offers.

Be sure to check back and visit the Retail Better Blog on Thursday for Part 2 of Your In-Store Messaging Must Change Due to COVID-19, Here’s How where we focus on messaging that reassures customers and shows you care. 

We’re all in this together. If looking to adjust your messaging, create helpful signage or develop ways to guide your customers, please let us know. We’re here for you.