Why Retailers Should Focus on Exterior Store Messaging Amid COVID-19

Why Retailers Should Focus on Exterior Store Messaging Amid COVID-19 - GSP

Shoppers following social distancing guidelines are trying to minimize their time in your stores. Today’s weary shoppers are now wearing masks and gloves and anxiously trying to get what they need and exit safely. With this in mind, consider shifting more of your messaging to exterior signage as opposed to interior communications.

Communicate With Customers Before They Enter

Shoppers are more likely to notice your exterior signs while approaching the store. Your customers rely on you for convenience, now’s the time to step it up even more by letting them know what you have before they even enter the store. Though interior signage and POP is important, think about moving some of your important messaging to speak to customers on the road or in your parking lot.

Use Banners to Spotlight Staple Items

Customers who may not have shopped your store prior to COVID-19 are now searching for items they’ve been unable to find at the stores they frequent. Why not create banners to help spread the word that these must-have items are indeed available in your store? Banners can be placed near front entrances as well as by the street.

Promote Grab-and-Go Options With Feather Flags

Your grab-and-go dinner and lunch items have always been a hit with customers, now’s the time to promote your healthy salads, wraps and sandwiches to folks passing your stores. Feather flags can help you advertise your packaged offerings to drivers looking for something to pick up and enjoy during a backyard picnic.

Looking to create additional exterior signage to help promote your items? Let us know. We’re here for you.