Three Keys to Successful Foodservice Reimaging

Three Keys to Successful Foodservice Reimaging - GSP

Utilize Food Photography, Custom Fixtures and Menuboards to Realize ROI

A foodservice reimaging project is an ideal way to enhance your overall store appeal as well as to drive foodservice sales. Yet beyond changes in décor elements such as cabinetry and wall paper, retailers should consider what customers expect from preferred foodservice providers. Below are three components that can play a major role in enhancing consumers’ perception of a retailer’s foodservice offering.


Food Photography

Investing in new photography is a must for any foodservice reimaging project. For most leading QSRs, the key to effectively promoting food offerings is photography that makes the food look as good as it tastes. Beautifully shot food images whet the customers’ appetite and can entice them to buy or try something new.

Unique Fixtures

Incorporating custom industrial design elements for point of purchase graphics, product displays or shelving units is another key component for a successful foodservice reimaging project. Create impact and grab the customer’s attention with innovative kiosks or standees to clearly communicate and promote new fresh food offerings and special promotions.

Make sure the various industrial design elements utilized in store have a cohesive uniform look and blend with the store décor and brand. Invest in elements that will facilitate changes in menu and pricing. In addition, evaluate and take into consideration budget, shipping logistics, ease of installation, and every inch of the store to help maximize display space and sales.


Innovative Menu Systems

The menu system is one of the most critical components of a foodservice reimage project. If using digital menus, consider how display cabinets or graphics can make the menus fit store décor and look less like an appliance. If using traditional menus, consider how to make the menus blend with store décor and represent your foodservice brand.

Solidify your brand, create consistency across all stores and drive repeat business through a combination of food photography, unique fixtures and innovative menuboards for your next store reimaging project.