The Day Part Menu

The Day Part Menu - GSP

Make the Most of Your Menu

Let GSP’s menu boards give you the edge over the competition with yet another great reason to shop your store. Show your customers that there’s just no need to hit the drive thru when you’ve got a value menu chock full of tasty food choices.

Win them over first thing in the morning with a rise-and-shine breakfast menu. Then keep ’em comin’ back for more with a value lunch menu printed on the other side. With a simple flip of a wrist, you’re good to go.

3 great reasons to try The Day Part Menu

• Boost sales – Give your customer what he wants – the ease of grab-and-go, fresh food right when he wants it.
• Test drive value menu promotions with the ease of a quick-change artist. Fast-flipping inserts showcase one great offer on one side and hide another on the back. Food promotions are the key to growing sales in 2011.
• Want to really tempt ’em? Our mouthwatering food service photography puts your menu in the best light.

“The Day Part Menu is a great way to showcase a variety of enticing food items and pricing specials throughout the day to drive sales,” says Kevin Farley, GSP’s VP of Marketing. “It’s quick, easy and ideal for menu changes right before each of the busy meal time windows.”