Technology Shaves Up to 10 Days Off Retail Rollouts

Technology Shaves Up to 10 Days Off Retail Rollouts - GSP

Store intelligence software provides your team with a powerful combination of real-time, down-to-the-store-level insight and accurate data. It’s the perfect tool to automate the time-intensive work needed to bring your marketing projects to life and expedite their rollout in store. Here’s how you can leverage the value of technology at every stage of your in-store marketing campaigns:

Pre-production planning: Up to 4 Days Saved

A successful project starts with accurate information. You could send your team out to every store to manually gather the details you need, but that time-consuming process is also ripe with errors. Electronically gathered store surveys are the quickest and best way to be sure you know exactly what each location needs. This will also save you unnecessary costs from waste because, when you start with good data, there’s no need to build in overage. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s best to hire a professional retail survey team to do a one-time, thorough collection of data from every store in a uniform manner. This will build your knowledge base for future use. too. The information will be compiled into store profiles (rather than spreadsheets) on a cloud-based platform so everyone can access the same information.

Great things happen when you start to connect what was previously unconnected. You’ll gain a view into every store so you can see what your shoppers see. Just the time and labor savings alone can be significant. Never again will you have to search for the right spreadsheet or put together a “distro list” for the printer. Once your promotion has been planned, all of the information you need for its execution will be in one place. Just tag the relevant data and your store intelligence platform will manage quantities for you, freeing up your time.

Easily save 3 days getting project approvals

It’s critical that your project incorporates everyone’s buy-in to obtain the best results. That means getting key decision makers across the company on board and asking for their approval at different stages. Store intelligence software simplifies what can be a complicated task. It unites multiple internal departments – from marketing to the merchants/category managers, brand managers and visual merchandising – and streamlines the approval process by moving it online. By automating and coordinating approval for design and spend levels, you’ll get a detailed visual on the progress so you can track changes. It’s not only convenient and efficient, but a store intelligence platform will also store all project history in one place. The software acts as document management for any digital assets associated with the project.

Post-production monitoring: At least 2 days saved

With a store intelligence platform, you can monitor your rollout progress as it happens. Because it’s cloud-based, your field team can access project information on store visits. If you’re using an installation team, or even if your store staff is completing execution, you can communicate directly with them and gain visibility into store conditions. They can even upload photos while in store so you can immediate troubleshoot issues and ensure compliance.

You can also measure and benchmark your campaign performance as it happens across your stores. Simply shoot quick surveys to store managers to find out how it’s going or if they need additional materials. They can update store profile data anytime they have new information to share. This will help with your ongoing planning of campaign rollouts and ROI.

GSP Technology

GSP has the tools to enable faster campaign rollouts. AccuStore®, our proprietary store intelligence software solution, was created to help retail teams optimize planning and achieve flawless execution. By capturing real-time data on site attributes, equipment, layout configurations and more, you can better understand store-specific requirements. This knowledge base will empower your decision making as you eliminate waste and create winning store experiences.

Because your teams are always on the go, the convenient AccuStore app keeps everyone connected. Share notes and photos anytime for instant collaboration.

Our professional retail survey team can help you unlock all of the data inside your stores. Using proven methodology, they deliver all of the precise information you need, along with a complete set of digital photos from each location to improve understanding. You’ll receive equipment details that can help you reduce capital expenditure, a thorough inspection of store fixtures, and a compliance and safety audit to protect your brand.