Seeing the Light at GlobalShop

Seeing the Light at GlobalShop - GSP

There were lots of bright ideas to be found at March’s GlobalShop Conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Billed as the world’s largest event for retail design and shopper marketing, it’s a great place for seeing ways to add that wow factor in store. The GSP Retail Design Services team sorted through the 746 exhibitors to see which of the latest innovations could really lead the customer on the path to purchase.

One trend we spotted: LED lighting. All of the show’s big award winners were LED companies. These sleek, modern lights can create dynamic product presentations, call attention to your POP and elevate your brand experience. LED uses 60 percent less energy than traditional fluorescent lights, making it an efficient upgrade. And it stays cool to the touch so no heat is given off.

Seeing the Light at GlobalShop  

Best of GlobalShop Platinum winner, SQUARE by Cooledge Lighting, is flexible, allowing it to take a wide variety of shapes and curves. The product comes in 1’ x 1’ sheets that snap together and can even be trimmed by scissors. By placing LEDs on a thin plastic strip, it eliminates many of the constraints with conventional bulbs and tubes.

 Seeing the Light at GlobalShop Gold Best of GlobalShop Gold winner, Aduro Display, introduced an adjustable, low-voltage LED lighted shelving system with no visible wires. It can be used with any slatwall hardware without the worry of shorting out the system.
 Seeing the Light at GlobalShop Bronze Best of GlobalShop Bronze winner, Media Graph, Inc., used columns of LED strips to illuminate sleek display frames. Banner ads stay wrinkle-free and slide in and out of the frames. The attention-getting system can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floors and 3D structures.
 Seeing the Light at GlobalShop Bronze People's Choice Even the People’s Choice Award winner from Specialty Lighting was a transition LED light strip. The 1” x 1” x 12” low-profile fixture is made of aluminum.

How light affects retail sales

You’ve heard that sunny days can brighten your mood. A 2014 study showed that light also affects decision making at retail. The University of Toronto and Northwestern University asked participants to rate the spiciness of the chicken wings under varying light conditions. They found that brighter lights intensified feelings, including the desire for spicy food. The researcher’s conclusion: “If you are selling emotionally expressive products, such as flowers or engagement rings, it would make sense to make the store as bright as possible.”

The right lighting plays a dramatic role in how customers view your merchandise. Warmer white lights can add a sense of luxury. It can make baked goods look more appealing. Bright white lights can enhance the sense of cleanliness and freshness. It can make fruits and vegetables more desirable and give beauty products an aura of clinical authority.

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