Safety Precautions Retailers Can Use to Protect Customers and Employees

Safety Precautions Retailers Can Use to Protect Customers and Employees - GSP

Before the coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis, convenience store retailers kept wipes near the fuel pump while big-box stores and supermarkets offered them near shopping carts. Today, retailers are doing much more to keep customers and employees healthy.

Encourage Cashless Payments

The Coronavirus outbreak is prompting some stores to promote contactless payment through the use of mobile apps instead of cash. Why not develop standees or shelf talkers to remind customers they can use your store’s app or other payment apps to avoid using cash? Make sure to include details on how to download your app along with why now’s a great time to go touchless.

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Install Sneeze Guards to Keep Away Germs

Grocery stores and convenience stores are ramping up their efforts to provide peace of mind for concerned shoppers. In addition to cleaning and suspending self-service food and beverage areas, stores such as Albertsons, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, and Whole Foods are installing plexiglass sneeze guards or sneeze screens to help protect employees and shoppers. These barriers are a smart way to prevent the spread of germs associated with the coronavirus.

Limit Shopping Hours

With food, cleaning supplies and other essentials flying off the shelves, many retailers have adjusted their hours to allow employees to properly sanitize and restock shelves. Stores such as Dollar General, Winn Dixie, Target and Walgreens are promoting special early morning hours to accommodate shoppers who are most vulnerable, including the elderly and those with underlying health concerns. Alerting customers about your new COVID-19 hours or senior shopping times can easily be conveyed through interior and exterior signage as well as social media.

Communicate Important Reminders

The easiest way to communicate your in-store message is with impactful signage. Let customers know what you’re doing to help provide them with the items they need while keeping them safe. Shoppers are accustomed to helping themselves to baked goods, beverages or hot foods, use signage to remind them that you’re there to help serve them at this time. You have their safety in mind. Verbiage that’s direct and supportive with clear imagery is always the way to go.

Need signage ideas or creative POP to help keep your customers shopping your stores with confidence? Let us know. We’re here for you.