Retailer Focus: Pret A Manger

Retailer Focus: Pret A Manger - GSP

Brand and product focus is recipe for success

Pret A Manger is a UK-based store that creates handmade, natural preservative-free food. Pret opened in London in 1986 and arrived in America in 2000 – opening the first U.S. store in New York City.

Pret develops stores slowly… one at a time and incorporates a simple philosophy where the product is hero and the brand is front and center. This concept creates a Wow factor and the end result is continued success and expansion.

There are currently over 250 Pret stores. Most are in the UK where Pret is a household name, and new stores are opening in Hong Kong, New York, Washington DC and Chicago.

The branded star image is prominent and used consistently throughout the store – providing a strong brand awareness experience for the consumer. The star is incorporated on the storefront signs, promotional signage and all product packaging. Having the star image on all the offerings and signage doesn’t take away from the store, but rather contributes to the overall brand.

Another strength of Pret A Manger is the simple, straightforward messaging in their signage and packaging. The graphical use of “NEW” and “I’M BACK” on the packaging demonstrates that they are listening to customer feedback and want to communicate product and menu changes to them.

Key lessons from Pret A Manger:
• Own a symbol – and use it everywhere
• Create a consistent image across store design and product packaging
• Create in-store marketing programs to highlight your products that are easy to execute
• Listen to your customers – bring back favorite products and add new ones they’d like to have

The combination of all-natural tasty food, innovative store and packaging design, and a well-executed brand image is the secret to Pret A Manger’s success. Well done Pret. Bon appetit!