Retail Solutions for Tomorrow’s Post-COVID-19 Stores

Retail Solutions for Tomorrow’s Post-COVID-19 Stores - GSP

Operating in these unprecedented times has become increasingly challenging for retailers. As retailers, you’re now faced with challenges to redesign, reimage and remodel stores to better protect the health and wellness of customers and employees in a post-COVID world. With so many new guidelines and procedures to manage and maintain, here are some ways you can adjust your stores to suit these new post-pandemic demands.

Customer Communication

Conveying messages to your shoppers can be done through either permanent or temporary exterior and interior signage or a combination. From branded social distancing floor decals, aisle invaders or standees to wayfinding for curbside pickup and delivery – POP that informs, educates or promotes is key. Additional ideas could include:

  • Directional markers for store aisles
  • Wayfinding for sanitation station or PPE storage
  • Signage about new loyalty campaigns
  • Promotional signage or images spotlighting your charity initiatives

Post-Pandemic Upgrades

To accommodate new sanitary and hygienic guidelines consider refreshing, reworking or remodeling areas of your stores. Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to install branded protective sneeze guards, create a more hands-off coffee area or add touchless fixtures to reduce contact or germs. Category reimages are perfect for:

  • Self-serve areas like hot food, roller grills and fountains
  • Cash wrap
  • Coolers
  • Fuel pumps
  • Lines or register queuing

Retail Tech Solutions

COVID-19 has forced many retailers to innovate, digitally transform and quickly adopt technology. Now’s the time to deploy store intelligence technology that uses professional site surveys and customized store profiling capabilities. It’s the easiest, cost-effective way to deliver critical store-specific insight and visibility to help your teams make smarter data-driven decisions. From promoting and documenting new store sanitation procedures to targeting post-pandemic site-specific marketing, access to real-time store information is critical in the post-COVID world.

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