Retail Solutions Designed to Protect Shoppers & Employees - Part 4

Retail Solutions Designed to Protect Shoppers & Employees - Part 4 - GSP

Throughout the pandemic, retailers have had to adapt their businesses to suit an increase in pickup and delivery. In fact, 51% of consumers downloaded at least one new app to purchase food and essentials since COVID-19. Here are several quick fixes you can incorporate into your stores to easily accommodate delivery services and mobile orders.

Speed Racking for Pickup & Delivery Orders

To create or expand mobile orders and/or delivery areas of your stores, consider adding a speed racking solution for convenient meal pickup. Depending on how you organize them, racks are perfect for storing both preordered and prepackaged foods for contactless pickup by customers.

Racks can be kept behind the counter or near the register areas to ensure orders are picked up by the correct customer. Alternatively, racking near the entrance allow for quick and easy customer access.

Racking can be stored behind checkout areas and ensures the right order is picked up by the right customer

Tamper-Proof Stickers Provide Peace of Mind

A smart, sanitary way to ensure food has not been touched or tampered with is with tamper-proof seals or stickers. These stickers can be used to ensure food is sealed and that the contents have been handled by employees only. With many stores now offering third-party delivery, a tamper-proof sticker lets your customers know drivers or delivery staff have not opened their food or beverages.

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