Post-COVID-19 Retail Consumer Predictions

Post-COVID-19 Retail Consumer Predictions - GSP

It may not be easy to imagine “business as usual” once the world returns to the office, school, and gym. However, thinking ahead to build paths to win in tomorrow’s shifted retail environment is key. Here are some post-COVID-19 customer predictions and expectations.

Peace of Mind

Though clean stores have always been important to your customers, clean has now become critical. With germ awareness on everyone’s mind, shoppers will expect a sparkling clean store. Back in the pre-COVID-19 days, you may not have kept hand sanitizing wipes near store entrances. However, now’s a good time to install dispensers or pumps customers can easily access. Additionally, shoppers who could once help themselves to doughnuts and roller grill items now may be more accustomed to individually packaged items.

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Continued Convenience

COVID-19 fueled innovation for retailers everywhere. QSRs began selling and delivering groceries. Third-party apps began delivering grocery items from c-stores like Circle K and Casey’s. Stores like QuickTrip began offering on-lot delivery to customers’ cars. Your shoppers are now used to an even more convenient experience from their favorite stores. Can you keep this up post-COVID-19? This royal treatment is sure to keep you top of mind with shoppers.


Fresh and New

Your customers have been in isolation for several weeks and are most likely looking for newness. Now’s the time to introduce that new menu item or product. Why not get creative and develop a fun “Post Isolation” offer. Customers are anxious to reconnect with their pre-COVID-19 routines. Maybe your store was where they stopped for coffee on their way to work. Letting them know you are still there and that your store is fresh and clean, and your team members are ready to serve them makes for the perfect welcome back.

GSP has been serving our retail customers for 40+ years. We look forward to helping you welcome your customers back with brilliant in-store signage, marketing, social media graphics and more. Let us know what you need.