Industrial Design Spotlight: Foodservice Kiosk and Handago

Industrial Design Spotlight: Foodservice Kiosk and Handago - GSP

Industrial Design Spotlight: Foodservice Kiosk and Handago


Brampton Kiosk

Drive traffic to your food areas with an attractive Foodservice Kiosk — available in a multitude of finishes. Use the kiosk to promote new pricing changes, food offerings or monthly specials in various locations of the store. The kiosk helps to shorten overall traffic time by providing a menu where people wait in line.

In addition to driving traffic, kiosks can help to reinforce brand/positioning and improve speed of order process, customer satisfaction and overall sales. And, these quick change kiosk help you react quicker at the store level with pricing or menu changes, providing additional support to the store menu systems.

You could also use kiosks to take advantage of weather conditions (ie. featuring iced coffee on warm days), promote local or national events or highlight a new product.



Providing a convenient and sanitary way to clean hands, this idea is ideal for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The panels can be easily mounted and replaced. It is durable, weather resistant, and the two front wheels make it very portable and easy to move around to different locations.

Each Handago is equipped with a large quantity of alcohol free hand wipes that kill 99.9% of germs, which would be ideal by gas pumps, shopping carts or foodservice areas. The Panels and signs can be easily mounted and replaced for highlighting different store specials or services.

The Handago is also environmentally conscious by offering a unique system that accurately dispenses wet-wipes, uses plastic bags instead of plastic canisters and incorporates recyclable polyethylene plastic in the dispensers.