How to Save Money in Your Print Marketing Budget

How to Save Money in Your Print Marketing Budget - GSP

With print marketing budgets being as tight as they are, it’s important to make every dollar count. You may think there’s no wiggle room to stretch it any further but, if you’re like most retailers, there are still some areas where you can reduce waste.

It’s been estimated that retailers spend anywhere between 15% and 30% more than necessary because of overage and freight. Any savings discovered here feeds right back into your bottom line. But you don’t need to be a logistics expert to figure out how to save on shipping. GSP can help. We’ve uncovered several easy ways to save and put these best practices into place to help you maximize your dollars:

  • Regional distribution from three facilities. GSP has three geographically dispersed facilities to serve you – in Provo, Utah; Madison, Wisconsin; and Clearwater, Florida – so your stores are always within a one to two day shipping window for each region of the country. This will help reduce freight costs.
  • Redundant equipment allows for more options to split orders. Each of our three sites is equipped with the same printers so jobs can easily be split by region and run simultaneously at the different plants. As a G7® Master printer for seven years in a row, you can count on us to deliver the same level of excellence regardless of which facility produces your work.
  • Automatic store distributions save time and money. Not only that but it’s a headache deterrent, too! Instead of relying on worksheets to do those dreaded monthly distros to stores, let technology figure it out for you. Our store intelligence software, AccuStore®, taps into your store profiles to quickly and easily generate your store distributions. Each store’s unique attributes – square footage, number of windows, sign ordinances, asset inventory, etc. – translate into data. AccuStore uses this information to determine your precise, store-specific fulfillment needs. With it, you can customize and manage your entire print campaign, from ordering to production to install. AccuStore will show you the precise quantity you need for each store to eliminate overage. And, if you keep the time you used to allot to distributions, you’ll increase your delivery lead time and be able to switch to ground shipping, the least expensive delivery method available. Learn more:
  • Use the right-size box. Each of our facilities features an automated box making system for making the most efficiently sized packaging for your print jobs. There’s a science behind choosing the right size. It ensures you’re paying the least possible for freight and your products won’t arrive damaged after sloshing around in a box that’s too big.
  • Maintain accurate inventories to avoid rush shipping. Do you find yourself reprinting standard marketing materials at the most inopportune times? Loyalty card benefit brochures, menus, employment applications, rebate pads? We have a web-based inventory management system housed within AccuStore to prevent over-/under-supply. It also helps each store to manage and track its marketing material quantities – so you don’t find out that you’re out of stock when it’s deadline crunch time.
  • Free audit. Where is the waste in your marketing budget? We’re confident that we can help you eliminate waste and boost your ROI. We’d be happy to give you a free audit to help you make the most of your marketing spend.