See the Latest “Cutting Edge” In-Store Promotions

See the Latest “Cutting Edge” In-Store Promotions - GSP

A well-done in-store promotion not only sells product – it attracts more customers, because they want to be a part of something fun and unique. It creates a wave of excitement and leaves a lasting impression. It may also “go viral” which, in turn, garners even more attention for your store, more traffic and more sales!

 Use Interesting POP

One way to make your event stand out is to make your POP stand out. GSP has lots of tips and special cutting techniques to help customize your POP, displays and promotional pieces. Using a router or digital cutter, we can create a sign in any shape you want.

Contour cuts are made after your design is printed to precisely trace around the portion of the sign that you want emphasized. It can be done on aluminum, acrylic, hard plastic and magnets, too. You may also hear the term “halo cut.” That is where an extra ¼ to ½ inch border is added around the cut edge to create a slight “halo” or border. It’s not only an extra design element but it adds strength to more intricate cuts, such as letters, to protect them.  Halo cuts can be done on brushed aluminum, foam board and wall decals.

Walmart used fun cutout POP to create a canopy that connects its Halloween assortment, as well as color-coordinating displays on the endcaps.

Of course, Target is the master of cutouts for promotions. Note the intricate cuts in their Halloween signage that is suspended from the ceiling and the cardboard “chandeliers”.

Customer Engagement Ideas

We now take more than one million selfies each day! So why not make your store part of the action? Create a sign that your customers want to take pictures with. A cutout lets customers insert themselves – and then share your sign on social media. This is customer engagement at its finest and also great word-of-mouth advertising for your store promotion!

Chick-Fil-A creates excitement with in-store events that appeal to children and adults alike. July 12 is Cow Appreciation Day. The annual “Dress Like a Cow” event is fun and reminds customers of the brand’s cow characters that feature prominently in its advertising.

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