How to Creatively Capitalize on Today’s Fountain Drink Trends

How to Creatively Capitalize on Today’s Fountain Drink Trends - GSP

Thanks to the wide variety of beverage options available at convenience stores, it’s no surprise fountain sodas continue to impact dispensed beverage sales. According to Dataessential, a food and beverage research and consulting group, fountain soda drinks—alongside hot coffee—top the list. With these popular thirst-quenchers accounting for $8.8 billion in annual c-store sales, finding new and innovative ways to keep customers filling their cups is key. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. From Category to Destination. Don’t settle for a soda spot that’s status quo. Applying stylish graphics, fixtures and POP materials can transform fountain areas into enticing beverage destinations your customers can’t resist. Introduce and promote limited-time-only or seasonal “It” drinks to reel in return visitors seeking your unique offering. Resonate with local customers by running fountain beverage specials that commemorate area events or honor a cause. Create a comfy indoor or outdoor seating area where locals can kick back with coworkers, family and friends.
  2. Customizable Concoctions. Today’s consumers love variety. Easily empower your customers and drive sales by offering “mixology” style color and flavor beverage options. Putting your shoppers in control makes them feel special and connects them to the brand. Remind new and existing c-store visitors about your customizable offerings with pump toppers and other fuel area
  3. Crushed, Cubed and Chewable. Back in 2011,’s nugget ice locator app made headlines proving to retailers just how much customers truly care about their cubes. By using the LoveTheNug app, shoppers could track down c-stores serving chewable ice. If offering this beloved chewy nugget ice, be sure to promote your ice options with POP placed outside at the pump as well as near fountain areas.

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