How to Create a C-Store Brand Your Customers Will Wear

How to Create a C-Store Brand Your Customers Will Wear - GSP

Convincing your customers to love your convenience store as much as you do is every retailers’ goal. You can spend thousands on advertising, however unless you have an actual brand your customers recognize and trust, what’s the point? Creating a brand goes beyond accelerating your business, it’s about building a fan base. You want advocates, not just consistent shoppers.

From wearing logoed shirts and caps, to checking in or tagging favorite stores on social media, customers are promoting their beloved brands daily. Here are some ways you can boost your brand by turning customers into fans who will support and wear your brand with pride.

  1. Think Design, Not Just Tagline. With more than brand identity package that best represents your c-store’s values, voice and style.
  2. Develop an Easy-to-Understand Loyalty Program. Create a winning, easy-to-use rewards program your customers will love and employees can talk about. According to an Excentus study, 51 percent of c-store customers visit a particular store because of a rewards program. Make sure your employees understand the program and can educate customers on the importance of signing up. Promote your rewards program via social media, POP and even during your sponsored events.
  3. Get Customers Wearing Your Brand. Allow customers to earn rewards that include free swag such as t-shirts, caps and reusable cups featuring your brand’s logo. With your reusable tumbler or bottle in hand, these customers can continue extending your reach at their workplace, the gym, while running errands – you name it. Make your wearable branded swag the gift that keeps on giving by offering additional discounts or rewards to customers wearing your shirt on a specific day or time.

Wear the Brand

There are many ways to generate a c-store following. Let’s start by creating a memorable brand identity package. Talk to us and hear how we can help get your customers wearing and promoting your stores today.