How Much Are Shoppers Spending on Mother’s Day?

How Much Are Shoppers Spending on Mother’s Day? - GSP

Every second Sunday in May, consumers celebrate their moms with cards, flowers and gifts on Mother’s Day. Not only do these shoppers buy for Mom, they purchase items for sisters, sisters-in-law, friends, aunts and cousins, resulting in an estimated $25 billion dollars in revenue. Check out these NRF Mother’s Day spending insights.

  • This year, 84 percent of consumers plan on purchasing a gift for their mothers.
  • As with most holidays, Mother’s Day spending continues to grow – this year’s spending tops years prior at an estimated $25 billion, up from $23.1 billion in 2018.
  • More than 80 percent of shoppers admit they depend on retailers for gift-giving ideas and inspiration.
  • Shoppers ages 18-34 prefer gifts that keep on giving – 34 percent are interested in gifting a product subscription service such as Birchbox.
  • Though flowers are still a popular planned purchase, personal services such as spa days have grown from 16 percent 10 years ago to about 25 percent today – spending on these gifts has nearly doubled at $2 billion total.
  • For shoppers 18-34, experiences matter most – 45 percent say they’ll gift their favorite moms concert tickets or gym memberships, and 29 percent of mothers that age prefer experience-style gifts.
  • Last year, Americans ages 35-44 were the biggest spenders, spending about $224.
  • According to data culled from 50 million active Bank of America account holders, Mother’s Day 2018 restaurant spending, which averaged $45, was 55 percent higher than the typical day.

The Three Most Popular Planned Mother’s Day Gifts

  • Cards 75 percent plan on purchasing cards – expected total spending of $843 million
  • Flowers 67 percent plan on purchasing flowers – expected total spending of $2.6 billion
  • Special Outing 55 percent planned a special outing or meal – expected total spending of $4.6 billion

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