GlobalShop 2016 Design Trends

GlobalShop 2016 Design Trends - GSP

gs16_2The trends we saw at GlobalShop this year point to a bright future for store décor. On the show floor, we found an abundance of lighting options, silicone edge graphics (SEG) and holiday themes.

The lighting trend has been building momentum for a couple of years. We had numerous people stop to ask about our work with lightboxes. Of course, presenting our clients’ images in the best light possible is what we do!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.) We showcased several backlit displays in our booth in different sizes using LED lighting to uniformly illuminate every inch of the graphic.

gs16_1Thanks to all of the interest in lighting at last year’s show, GlobalShop added a special feature called LightBrite | Project LED. This showcased all of the latest LED and lighting technology available to retail designers.
SEG are graphic panels printed on fabric with a plastic strip sewn into the edge so it can slip into a frame. It’s a quick and easy way to stretch the graphic uniformly. Digital printing gives you the ability to reproduce vibrant images, crisp type and an opacity that holds up to being backlit. Printing on fabric isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it’s become such a terrific option for several reasons – it’s a lot less heavy than rigid, graphic panels so you can fold it and ship it in a small, lightweight box.


Christmas in March? The lights and trees were up already in Vegas for retailers planning their holiday décor. RGB LED lighting is what’s new here: one set of lights with multiple color options. Use them in fall and then reuse the lights, programmed in different colors for holiday. LED means it’s energy efficient and the lights stay cool to the touch.

We’d love to brainstorm ideas with you and help re-imagine the store experience for your customers. Contact us anytime to talk trends and what’s right for your brand.

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