Easy Ways to Maximize Your In-Store Marketing Budget

Easy Ways to Maximize Your In-Store Marketing Budget - GSP

If you’re like most retailers, you’re looking to prevent waste and reduce spending wherever possible. Why not start with your print marketing? The average retailer spends an estimated 15% to 30% more than necessary because of print overage and freight. Here are some easy ways to help maximize your budget.

Multiple Locations Minimize Freight Rates & Drive Turn Times 

Opting for a full-service print and fulfillment plant with four strategically located facilities offers a variety of cost- and time-saving benefits. For example, GSP has four geographically dispersed facilities to serve its retail customers – in Provo, Utah; Madison, Wisconsin; Lenexa, Kansas; and Clearwater, Florida – so stores are always within a one-to-two-day shipping window for each region of the country.

This expanded footprint minimizes shipping costs and provides the most efficient ground ship zone coverage. Additionally, GSP has relationships with multiple small package and LTL carriers and based on the shipment, can get multiple quotes to determine the best carrier.

Redundant equipment allows print orders to be split. Each site is equipped with the same multiple top-of-the-line printers such as Agfa Jeti Tauro H3300 and Jeti Tauro H2500 so jobs can be easily divided by region and run simultaneously at the different plants. A G7® Master printer can deliver the same level of excellence regardless of which production facility completes the orders.

Store-Specific Fulfillment Prevents Print Overage

Automatic site-specific store distributions save time and money and create an efficient way to ensure the right stores get the right POP. AccuStore, GSP’s propriety store intelligence SaaS solution, taps into store profiles to quickly generate accurate store distributions.

Each store’s unique attributes—square footage, number of windows, sign ordinances, asset inventory, etc.­—translates into data. AccuStore uses this information to determine the precise, store-specific fulfillment needs. With it, retailers can customize and manage entire print campaigns, from ordering to production to install.

AccuStore provides the precise quantity needed for each store to eliminate overage as well as can increase delivery lead time allowing retailers to switch to the least expensive delivery method available.

Right-Size Boxes Reduce Shipping Costs

An automated box-making system creates the most efficiently sized packaging for print jobs. Right-sized boxes ensure retailers are paying the lowest possible rate for freight and ensure that products do not arrive damaged due to being shipped in an oversized box. All four of GSP’s locations is equipped with this technology – it’s just another way to help retailers save.

Accurate Inventory Prevents Rush Shipping Fees

GSP’s AccuStore offers a web-based inventory management system to prevent over or under ordering. This technology allows each store location to manage and track its marketing material quantities making it even easier to know what’s needed before running low at the last minute.

Where is the waste in your marketing budget? Let GSP help you eliminate waste, boost your ROI and make the most of your marketing spend.

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With GSP since 1998, Craig enables our convenience store clients to accelerate their growth through innovative retail design and remodeling projects as well as save on print production. His exceptional ability to turn problem solving into opportunities coupled with his impeccable track record has made Craig an integral leader of GSP’s New Business team. As a regular at retail industry trade shows and events, Craig’s passion for the c-store space keeps him ahead of the latest foodservice, beverage, fountain and tobacco trends.

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