Does Your POP Drive Foodservice Sales or Drive Traffic Away?

Does Your POP Drive Foodservice Sales or Drive Traffic Away? - GSP

According to National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), convenience store foodservice sales saw a 4.4% increase in 2019 and represented 25.4% of inside sales—up from 22.6% in 2018. If looking to attract customers to your wings, pizza and handcrafted sandwiches, you’ll need a creative point-of-purchase (POP) program. Don’t let your POP drive away hungry customers! Here are three things to consider.

Packaged Foods Vs. Fresh Fare. Selling fully prepared or assembled foods isn’t the same as selling manufacturer or packaged snacks, foods and beverages. Customers know what to expect from chips and chocolate. Make sure your POP captures the quality associated with your unique food offerings. Use images and signage that encourages your c-store customers to keep your made-to-order subs or salads top-of-mind. Become the desired destination – your POP could be the reason they skip the drive-through and grab breakfast or lunch at your c-store.

Common Photo Shoot Misconception. Photos can make or break a POP program. Oftentimes, retailers opt for generic-looking stock art because they think photo shoots are time consuming and disruptive. Not true! Experienced photographers can work around your schedule and your staff or shoot during off-peak hours or in quieter sections of the store. Professional photo crews are prepared and will review their shot list with you prior to their arrival to make sure you’re both on the same page. The goal is to make the most of your allotted time and budget.

Traditional Marketing Techniques + New Food = Zero Gain. Differentiate your c-store with unique foodservice marketing that truly represents your brand. Exceed your customers’ expectations with POP that’s bold, modern and engaging. Think big and go beyond the traditional “price an item” style signage. Use creative in-store marketing to help disrupt your customers’ c-store routine and convey a brand they can trust. Your delicious unconventional offerings deserve unconventional messaging, so keep it interesting and innovative.

From professional food photography to impactful design, our experts can help you create powerful POP that drives your foodservice sales. Contact us to get started today.