Do Your Customers Know What's in Stock Through COVID-19?

Do Your Customers Know What's in Stock Through COVID-19? - GSP

According to a recent Shopkick survey, 47% of shoppers said they’re stockpiling essential items because of COVID-19 concerns. These purchases include food items and water (93%), toiletries (74%), cleaning supplies (58%), and medicine and health care items (45%).

Letting customers know you have what they need is one of the easiest ways to enhance the customer experience. Right now, most shoppers are uncomfortable being out and about. Simplify their shopping trip by calling out what’s available, here’s how.

Rethink Product Placement

With shoppers looking for toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies, keep these items near the front of the store or in an obvious area. Create a COVID-19 survival section with top-selling items. For example, keep 24-packs of bottled water near windows so customers approaching the store can see you’re well stocked.

Update Your Social Media Pages

If one or more of your store locations now have an item back in stock, post an update on your Facebook or Twitter pages. This also makes it easy for your customers to spread the word to their neighbors. Many of your customers are using the Nextdoor app to alert their neighbors of trucks unloading at their local grocery stores or if they’ve noticed a store with plenty of eggs or toilet paper.

Create “In Stock” Signage

If you’re a convenience store retailer, shoppers who typically rely on your store for tobacco and lottery tickets, may not realize you stock certain items. Signage with clear messaging helps. Various signs can be made listing each item and placed near the store entrance or register. Changeable signage can be designed and created to allow store managers or team members to swap out items currently in stock.

Whether you’re looking for “What’s in Stock?” signage or other creative POP ideas. Let us know. We’re here for you.