Did You Move FDA Menu Labeling to the Back Burner?

Did You Move FDA Menu Labeling To The Back Burner?

Was that you we heard breathe a sigh of relief when the FDA ruling was postponed? As you know, Congress pushed for – and got – “appropriate time to budget and plan accordingly to meet the rule’s requirements to provide nutrition information to consumers that is understandable and clear, and therefore of the greatest value to consumers.”

Of course, that means YOU got extra time to plan, too. But with 2016 budgets fast approaching, now is the time to make sure you include those menu labeling requirements.

It’s a lot of information that needs to make its way into your store environment soon. And we know you’re wondering how it’s all going to fit. GSP Design Services has started to compile some innovative solutions for your stores. We thought we’d share a sneak peek of the ideas we’re working on to help you.

Coffee Bar Labels

The new FDA requirement will apply to:

  • beverages sold on menu boards
  • beverages prepared hot and cold
  • foods for sale that are intended to feed one person

Our main criteria for this challenge:

✓ Be compliant with required type size and visibility
✓ Keep the design as uncomplicated as possible
✓ Make execution simple
✓ Tailor the design to work with your existing branding

Coffee Bar Labels Close

We know it’s a big undertaking for your stores. We understand all the areas that need to be impacted, the tight space you’re working with, the different sizes of your sites, and the scope of this project. We’ve also come up with an especially clever idea that can be retrofitted into your existing hot and cold beverage areas.

So, take advantage of the breathing room that the FDA has given you to prepare. (Go on, do another happy dance.) But don’t forget to make room for the labeling in your 2016 marketing budget.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you plan the best course of action for your stores.

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