Creating Effective POP

Creating Effective POP - GSP

Keys to Making it All Work

Clear Signage Increases SalesAccording to a recent survey in CSNews, signage is one of the most effective and important ways to promote new products. Even in a sluggish economy, when every dollar counts, signage remains one of the best methods to create excitement and encourage sales at the store level. As you have probably heard, you have about 3 seconds to grab your customer’s attention as he passes by your store. What message are you sending? To help you maximize your promotional strategy, here are the 4 rules to get the most out of your signage:

1. Be consistent. Match your store branding so it’s easily identifiable. Besides giving you a cohesive look, using consistent graphics from the pump to the window to the roller grill and the checkout counter will give your customer a 360-degree experience and really drive your message home.

2. Be clear. In fact, be downright obvious. Is your signage easily understandable? Your customers should “get it” the first time they see it. Keep the graphics simple and avoid saying too much.

3. Be compelling. Your signage should be so attractive and attention grabbing that it makes your customers crave what you’re selling.

4. Be covered. Where is signage needed? Think about how your customers approach and navigate your store. Place signs where it will catch their attention but not block displays. Aim for the high traffic areas, point-of-sale and even floor decals. Consider multiple locations to reinforce the message.