Expert Retail Methodology Results in Accurate Store Profiles

The Client

U.S. Cellular, one of nation's top wireless telecommunications carriers has approximately 1,000 retail stores in 426 U.S. markets. It touts its customer service and is proud of having one of the highest customer retention rates, as well as wireless call quality, among its competitors.

The Challenge

Our client wanted a complete site survey done of all its stores to help corporate eliminate guesswork and determine the investment needed to plan capital improvements. Accuracy of data was their number-one concern. So we completed a business needs analysis and determined use cases with company stakeholders, complete with onsite walk-throughs, to specify and refine all survey terminology upfront.

The Solution

By using expert retail survey methodology, the AccuStore® team delivered a complete, accurate set of store profile data on time and on budget. Our experience understanding the needs of retailers was key. We engaged the stakeholders throughout the entire process with frequent status updates. Thorough communication ensured seamless execution. The result was an organized, sharable set of site intelligence that empowers marketing, facilities and operations to improve execution and eliminate delays caused by re-work.