Are Your Retail Employees Required to Wear Masks?

Are Your Retail Employees Required to Wear Masks? - GSP

As alarming surges in coronavirus cases across the U.S. South and West continue, some  states such as Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Virginia, and more are requiring retail workers to wear face coverings or fabric masks. Wearing masks can stop your team members from spreading respiratory droplets and remind them not to touch their faces.

OSHA’s COVID-19 Guidance for Retail Workers lists tips on how to protect your employees while they’re working in your stores and suggests allowing workers to “wear masks over their nose and mouth to prevent them from spreading the virus.” Here are a few tips to consider while deciding what types of masks or face coverings to order.

Opt for Branded, Customizable Fabric Masks

Your team members are already wearing branded shirts, caps, or uniforms with your logo, why have them wear generic masks? By ordering washable, reusable fabric face masks, you can have your company’s logo printed directly on the front.

Look for Masks That Are:

  • Washable – best if durable enough to handle 50 washings
  • Engineered for non­medical or personal use
  • Authorized for sale under FDA Emergency Use Authorization
  • Made of soft, TriFlex™ fabric with 3D stretch that won’t leave imprints on the skin surface
  • Anti­Microbial and reusable or feature Silvadur™ antibacterial protection to guard face, nose and mouth against respiratory droplets and splashes
    • Note: Silvadur provides the elemental power of silver and is integrated into the fabric
  • Comfortable, offers stretch and can conform to the face
  • Lightweight with a one-piece design
  • Able to provide higher levels of filtration
  • Designed to offer good airflow and breathability

Sell Your Masks as Fun Merch for Shoppers

Beloved retailers such as Casey’s and Sheetz have created cool, branded items such as shirts and hats specifically for their fans. Shoppers may already be wearing masks in your stores while others are mandated to wear masks by city mayors. Why not offer them your branded mask for purchase? Publix made news headlines in southern states for offering green masks branded with their signature “P.” The masks, sold on their corporate website, quickly sold out.

Keep Your PPE Organized

A branded PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) station is an easy way to organize your masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, and antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer.

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