Are You Effectively Tapping Into Today’s Coffee Trends?

Are You Effectively Tapping Into Today’s Coffee Trends? - GSP

According to the National Coffee Association U.S.A.’s (NCA) “National Coffee Drinking Trends 2019” report, 63 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. The c-store coffee landscape continues to transform year after year.

With coffee accounting for nearly 20 percent of convenience store foodservice sales, it’s important for retailers to continue to pay close attention to this category. Today’s coffee customers aren’t just looking for flavor options – they’re seeking nitro, cold brew coffee, ready-to-drink coffee, and much more.

What’s Brewing?

The NAC’s trend report for 2019 indicates 80 percent of consumers are aware of cold-brew coffee, and the under-40 demographic—specifically ages 25 to 39—is a driving force behind significant growth in the cold-brew category.

Nitro coffee—cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve—and nitro cold brew (NCB) became increasingly popular with “hipsters,” health conscious consumers and fans of microbrew beers. Back in May, 7-Eleven made headlines for introducing beverage bars featuring iced coffee, cold brew and nitro cold brew to select stores on Long Island.

Cater to Your Coffee Customers

“Coffee beverages consumed away from home have exploded into a $5.8 billion industry, and American coffee drinkers average 3.2 cups of coffee a day,” Christopher Scott, Corporate Director of Fresh & Food Service, Core-Mark International, Inc. recently told CSP. He suggests c-stores partner with a high-quality coffee company, make it simple for customers to pair coffee purchases with baked goods, and easily allow them to customize their coffee.

5 Ways to Drive Your C-Store Coffee Sales

Chances are you’re already providing trendy coffee options in your c-stores, but how can you increase in-store awareness and maximize your profit margins? From designing signage that resonates with coffee customers to attracting younger coffee connoisseurs, here are five ways to drive your coffee sales.

  1. Develop an easy-to-follow coffee loyalty program that both your customers and employees understand.
  2. Include in-store signage or visual merchandise that promotes and explains your offers or program.
  3. Capture millennial coffee drinkers by making sure your POP messaging speaks their language.
  4. Create a coffee destination within your c-store that customers will want to visit again and again.
  5. Update or rebrand your coffee bar with fresh, modern signage, graphics, decals and equipment wraps that’s also easy for your employees to execute.

Whether you’re looking for in-store signage, a photo shoot or a coffee category reimage, GSP’s Design team is here to help. Contact us today.