Add an In-store Coffee Bar

Add an In-store Coffee Bar - GSP

A sit-down coffee area can build brand loyalty and increase sales

In-store Coffee Bar

Looking for new ways to drive traffic into your stores? Add a store within your store. And a coffee bar could be your best bet. According to a WhiteWave Foods study on coffee consumers, coffee is the third-most-consumed beverage in the world behind water and soda. 150 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the United States every year and consumers average 12 coffee drinks per week.

Add an In-store Coffee BarOnly 11% of consumers say they never drink brewed coffee. One-third of coffee consumers drink it multiple times per day and the specialty-coffee segment is growing at 20% per year.

Very compelling statistics. So how to go about creating a successful in-store coffee shop? Creating a consistent image is important. If your overall brand is built on low prices and you drop in a high-end coffee bar, it’s a confusing message to customers. Do you cater to discount shoppers or higher earning latte sippers? Choose an image and stick with it.

An upscale coffee area can be a great way to attract younger shoppers. Adding amenities such as a gas fireplace, nicer seats and tables, flat screen TV and WiFi access can be worth it in the long run. Younger shoppers are lucrative because of what they develop into – you’re building brand loyalty with them over time.

Coffee services aren’t just for generation Y – all shoppers appreciate a place to sit down. Especially in small towns, in-store coffee shops can become the unofficial community gathering spot. And, the coffee area can boost bakery, deli and rest of store area sales by 15%.

The coffee bar could be self-service complete with a large assortment of coffees, creamers, sweeteners and flavorings, or it could be fully staffed. A coffee area can also get you started on the way to offering a complete dine-in area – gradually adding new items such as pastries, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, wraps and hot lunch foods.