6 C-Stores Using Twitter Banter to Win Fans & Followers

6 C-Stores Using Twitter Banter to Win Fans & Followers - GSP

When it comes to connecting with customers on social media, creating the perfect personality is key. Sure, consumers appreciate an honest and friendly voice, however 72 percent are seeking humor on social. Creating cute and clever tweets without sounding overly snarky is an art these six convenience stores have mastered.

  1. Kwik Trip @KwikTrip | 35.7K Followers

    Known as Kwik Trip in Minnesota and Wisconsin and as Kwik Star in Iowa, this c-store chain is also known for its “kwik” wit. Customers can count on KT to retweet their comments along with entertaining sentiments like the time a user suggested they open their own restaurant, and another admitting they need KT on the regular.

  2. Pilot Flying J @PilotFlyingJ | Followers: 16.5K Followers

    Pilot Flying J, a North American chain of truck stops in the U.S. and Canada delivers the perfect blend of news, tips, conversation and humor daily. The Tennessee-based company offers road warriors and truckers a friendly, comforting voice on the road.    

  3. 7-Eleven @7eleven | 120K Followers

    7-Eleven uses Twitter as a creative and fun way to present its products, updates and offers to customers. Notice the author of this romance novel?

    The chain typically addresses customers’ concerns, selectively retweets posts and shares commentary such as this hilarious exchange with actor/TV personality Mario Lopez following this year’s big game.

  4. Sheetz @sheetz | 503K Followers

    With more than 550 locations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, Sheetz has stellar social media skillz – and a crazy number of followers. When it comes to engaging with fans—lovingly referred to as Sheetz Freakz—the retailer replies to tweets steadily throughout the day and joins in on many jokes like this one about dating and dining at Sheetz. 

    Crafted to gently remind customers about their popular offerings without beating them over the head with ads, Sheetz tweets obviously resonate with consumers. The proof is in the likes, replies and retweets!

  5. Speedway @Speedway | 147K Followers

    Speedway’s personality shines in every tweet. It’s as if the Ohio-based c-store really is truly a friend ‘til the end. Speedway engages users with fun polls and questions like, “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

    Serving customers throughout the Midwest and East Coast with more than 2,500 locations, Speedway uses Twitter to provide customer care, promotional offers, and pop culture-filled entertainment references to its shoppers – all day, every day.

  6. Wawa @Wawa | 346K Followers

    With more than 750 convenience retail stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Central Florida, Wawa never disappoints and the same goes for its stellar social presence. Much like the other c-stores, Wawa answers customers questions, responds to comments and shares current offers via Twitter throughout the day. Wawa crates and shares fantastic imagery with its followers. Who could resist this handcrafted beverage?

    Wawa loves retweeting its customer’s Instagram images. Ask any customer, there’s nothing more flattering than having a photo shared with a company’s 346K followers.

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