4 Surefire Ways to Cash in on C-Store Customer Cravings

4 Surefire Ways to Cash in on C-Store Customer Cravings - GSP

Cashing in on your customers’ cravings starts at the pump and ends with winning point-of-purchase (POP) display materials. From tempting photos foodies will love to irresistible sizzling scent marketing — here are four easy ways to whet their appetite and ultimately capitalize on food and beverage offerings.

  1. Captivate Via Visuals
    Professional photography with larger-than-life full bleed imagery makes food look as good as it tastes as well as introduces fresh fare to hungry customers outside the store. Developing creative menus to accompany expert photos are another easy way to capture attention and drive c-store food sales.
  2. Take Signage to Another Dimension
    Using innovative 2D or 3D graphics and 3D standees can effectively stop traffic.  3D snap-lock signs are highly visible signs that can feature a large contour-cut food or beverage graphic. This unique signage helps promote food or beverage marketing campaigns from both the street and pump.
  3. Stimulate With Scent
    Scent marketing rarely goes unnoticed by customers. Studies show that pleasant scents keep shoppers in stores longer as well as enhance the overall customer experience. Reaching store visitors through their nose is serious business. According to a scent marketing study, a c-store that pumped in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee increased their coffee sales by a whopping 300%.
  4. Use Samples to Tempt Taste Buds
    Who doesn’t like to try before they buy? Samples are a risk-free way for shoppers to test a new beverage, candy, coffee or snack without committing to a purchase. Edible samples stir up excitement and automatically create an in-store buzz customers can’t ignore. Best of all, free samples can boost sales by as much as 2000%.

Driving food and beverage sales starts with creativity. GSP can help! See how our team of expert photographers modernize c-store menus and more, here.