3 Ways Your POP Program Is Killing Your Store Traffic

3 Ways Your POP Program Is Killing Your Store Traffic - GSP

Retailers buy signs because 79 percent of shoppers make impulsive in-store purchasing decisions. However, oftentimes the sign strategy is designed to simplify execution rather than drive store traffic. From choosing generic messages to oversimplified design decisions, retailers are missing out on opportunities to catch their customers eye.

  1. Bad Signs Cheapen the Look of Your Store. Don’t let shoppers judge your store by your signs. Amateur signage featuring generic photos, dated fonts and colors that can easily fade will cheapen and detract from the overall look of your store. Stylishly designed, impactful, quality signs positively reinforce your brand and enhance the customer experience. Studies show that customers who find stores appealing and attractive, will spend more time in those stores.
  2. Generic programs may drive a message but will not drive traffic. Too often marketers rely on a one-size-fits-all message or a generic message because that message applies to all stores. Retailers should focus on what will drive traffic into specific stores. Focus on food if food is a key traffic driver. If a great price point is meant to drive traffic, highlight pricing heavily within the sign program. Even if the price point isn’t the same for every store.
  3. FOBATE (Fear Of Being Able To Execute) can be the enemy of effectiveness. Oftentimes retailers sacrifice effective, eye-catching designs for easier to execute but less impactful solutions like flip number signs, label kits or template-driven layouts. Using overly simplified layouts that accommodate every variation or changeable copy, turn signs into wallpaper to shoppers. Be sure to design signs that inspire, engage and catch your customers eye.

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