3 Ways Retailers Can Do More With Less

3 Ways Retailers Can Do More With Less - GSP

As the pressure to realign and reevaluate your cost-saving strategy continues, the importance of “doing more with less” increases. Why not start by saving time and money on your POP program? Here’s how combining the right technology with the right printing, fulfillment, and overall marketing solutions can help.

  1. Reduce Shipping Costs and Increase Print Turn Times

    When was the last time you looked at your POP printing, shipping and fulfillment costs and timing? Where is your printer/fulfillment facility located? Working with printers that operate 24/7 and have multiple locations throughout your coverage area can significantly minimize costs while maximizing your speed to market.

    A printer with three or four production/fulfillment facilities strategically placed across the country can provide the most efficient ground ship zone coverage especially if the printer has strong relationships with multiple LTL carriers. For example, a large national retailer with stores situated within a two-day shipping window of the print and fulfillment center – reduces the shipping time frame and eliminate rush fees. Extending that reach or footprint leads to speed and savings.

  2. Increase Productivity Without Increasing Overhead

    Looking for an easy way to keep overhead costs down as well as free up your marketing staff? Consider a retail services provider that offers technology and automation as well as local or even onsite account management. Account managers pitch in with the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with running your campaigns, POP and promotions enabling your in-house teams to focus on critical corporate marketing initiatives such as social media, advertising, and loyalty programs.

    Local account managers who understand your retail challenges and provide specific solutions for your stores become a true extension of your team and can make all the difference in your marketing success. They’re your POP experts and can help:

    • Reduce your total execution time by up to 13 days
    • Increase your advertising team’s productivity by 400%
    • Relieve your administrative overhead by up to $150K
  3. Minimize Marketing Spend and Save Time

    There’s a good chance you’re overprinting or creating unnecessary in-store signage and POP. This can be avoided and eliminated with the right software solution or by surveying your stores. Accuracy matters. Gaining visibility into your organizations’ different locations with access to current architectural details—measurements, window counts and sizes and more—helps save time while eliminating overages, print waste and guesswork.

    Additionally, surveys can help you lower remodeling and equipment costs and complexities. From layouts and floorplans to actual attributes, store-specific insights paint a clear picture and make it easier to understand and pinpoint exactly what updates are needed.

Make sure your retail service provider has your best interest in mind and is the right fit for your organization. GSP offers more than 40 years of retail experience, contact us to learn more about our full line of retail-specific services and solutions.

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