3 Keys to Consider when Purchasing Fixtures and Displays

3 Keys to Consider when Purchasing Fixtures and Displays - GSP

3 Keys to Consider when Purchasing Fixtures and Displays

Choosing Quality Elements that Meet Specific Retail Challenges and Improve In-Store Execution

Purchasing the right fixture and display elements for your stores is essential for maximizing display space and sales potential. The right product displays and sign hardware help to declutter stores, improve your customers’ in-store experience and encourage repeat business.

Here are three keys for consideration before investing in store fixturing.

Does off-the-shelf design come with off-the-shelf pricing?

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Even though off-the-shelf fixtures are convenient to purchase because they seem readily available, retailers often find that these fixtures don’t always come with the best pricing. It is assumed that fixtures from a catalog are less expensive because they are produced in bulk and already in stock. However, some catalogue fixtures are stocked in small quantities, requiring large orders to be handled through custom production runs.  In these cases, the “off the shelf” unit may not be any cheaper than a customer-designed fixture.

Custom fixtures, on the other hand, can be designed to meet specific retail challenges and also designed to have a cohesive uniform look and blend with the store décor and brand.  Retailers often find that they are able to create bigger impact and grab the customer’s attention with an innovative fixture, kiosk or display that has been custom designed.

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Store-level Execution


Execution at the store level is another key consideration. The difficulty of installing and handling fixtures should match the skill level of those working with the fixtures. If store employees are handling the bulk of the assembly and changing out of product and pricing inserts, ease of installation is key.  Instruction sheets or- even better, instructional videos- can be the difference between a successful store-level implementation and a waste of precious capital.

Try to avoid fixtures with too many removable or interchangeable parts, as these can easily be lost.  To minimize issues with removable parts, consider systems that store unused parts within the unit itself.  For changeable price signs, consider a design that makes changing price points easy.

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Quality vs. Cost

When selecting new elements, it’s best to go with fixtures that have a simple, classic design and are made with high quality materials. Outside fixtures should be designed to meet and sustain all weather conditions.

Good quality makes a big difference, provides for a better customer experience and saves money in the long term.