How to Remodel Your Legacy C-Store for Less

How to Remodel Your Legacy C-Store for Less - GSP

Refreshing, remodeling and upgrading legacy convenience stores doesn’t have to be costly or overly complicated.

In February, Convenience Retail University (CRU) asked c-store retailer attendees about changes they planned on making to their business in 2018. 72 percent of those questioned, mentioned remodeling and refreshing their stores.

In the first two months of 2018, nearly 2,000 stores changed hands. Today, 3,800 stores have changed hands. What are retailers doing with those stores? How are they rebranding them? How can they execute these rebrands and remodels, maintain consistency and avoid breaking the bank? Here are some tips on how to refresh legacy stores for less.

Think Turnkey, Not Tear Down
Avoid knock down new build (KDNB) and costly, time-consuming demolitions. Team up with a retail environment professional who’ll work with the store’s existing infrastructure. If the current space doesn’t align with the new store size, consider adding a dining area or expanding coffee corners – also a great way to drive sales and enhance customer experience.

Choose Good, Better or Best
Different treatments suit different markets. Work with a retail environment expert or designer who will design with brand and budget in mind. The right professional can develop an affordable plan by providing three “good,” “better” and “best” pricing options.

Get a Clear Visual
In addition to good, better or best approaches, a la carte offerings are ideal for budget-minded retailers. Have designers create sharable computer renderings, prototypes and images of what to expect.

Bridge Brand Experience
Match décor elements from the new store and integrate them into legacy stores. Consider opting for more affordable materials such as faux brick or vinyl flooring. Alterative materials offer the same look and feel as wood or tile for less.

Buy in Bulk
Aggressive new store openings can lead to pricey labor-intensive installs and expensive signage overruns – remember not all stores are the same size. By leveraging asset management and project management resources, retailers can cut costs and save time by purchasing POS in bulk.

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