Clean, Neat and Organized Stores Are Successful Stores - Always Look as Good as You Are

Clean, Neat and Organized Stores Are Successful Stores - Always Look as Good as You Are - GSP

With more than 9,300 physical or brick and mortar stores closing in 2019, it’s easy to blame e-commerce. However the fastest way to turn away customers is with a store that’s dated, unorganized, dirty and/or messy. Stores that sparkle and shine make shoppers feel welcome and confident about the merchandise or services you’re selling.

According to ServiceChannel’s State of Brick and Mortar Retail Report, 70 percent surveyed admitted to a recent negative experience. These messy store encounters included disorganized shelves, sloppy dressing rooms, burned-out light bulbs and dirty restrooms.

Neatness Matters

Cluttered shelves and various simple aesthetics can create a bad impression and is a surefire way to lose credibility. Using the right fixtures, sign hardware and product display elements for your stores is essential. Smart retail fixtures help maximize display space, increase sales, improve the customer experience, and encourage repeat business.

Robots to the Rescue

Shoppers are looking at your floors, walls, doors, windows, entry ways and more. Retailers like Ahold Delhaize and Walmartdeployed computerized AI robots in their stores to help with everything from scrubbing floors to scanning shelves for out-of-stock items. An easy way to keep employees and management accountable is with a task management program or by incentivizing your staff with enhanced workforce programs and benefits or salary increases.

Cleanliness Is Key

It only takes one disgusted customer to share a video or photo of your messy store via social media to make the evening news. Cleanliness is vital to the growth and reputation of any store and is a common factor to Consumer Reports’ top-rated 2019 U.S. grocery stores, supermarkets, and warehouse clubs such as stores like Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s.

An Affordable Refresh

Store remodels and updates don’t have to break the bank. From hiding unsightly pipes or wall obstructions to a simple refresh – a little refresh can go a long way and increase sales. Target reported a comparable sales boost related to its store remodels. Store exteriors are just as important as the interiors – remember that’s the first thing your customers notice upon arrival. Keep parking lots well lit, trash out of site, and signage clear, vibrant and well maintained.

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