Turnkey Digital Display System Builds Baskets, Reduces In-Store Tasks

The Challenge

Developing a New To Industry store provides retailers the opportunity to modernize to new requirements and meet challenges. MAPCO wanted to improve their modern store designs and feature new technology to build baskets and drive customers instore from the pumps. They also wanted to reduce in-store tasks. It seemed like digital displays provided the answer, but developing the solution to include the proper screens, network and content platform was time consuming and expensive, especially with a rollout across a store chain.

The Solution

GSP engineered a turnkey solution that fulfilled all of MAPCO’s requirements. Using AccuStore, GSP integrated MAPCO’s content into the digital display messaging matrix, along with other in-store marketing. A manager in MAPCO’s central office can access the network and deploy consistent digital messaging in multiple stores simultaneously on one platform.

Digital displays eliminate the need for in-store employees to change POP. With dual-sided displays, one side of the display can face the forecourt for building in-store traffic by cycling through different messages. The interior facing side presents messages for building baskets.

Dual-sided displays can feature different brightness levels on alternate sides and brighter images can be displayed towards the outdoors (3000 NIT) compared to indoors (1000 NIT). The content can be programmed to cycle through different messaging with different presentation durations. And best of all, once installed, in-store employees don’t need to spend their work time on ladders, changing messaging, instead of serving customers.

The Results

  • AccuStore directs graphics and data for messages
  • One marketing manager programs multiple stores’ screens from one location
  • Dual-sided screen drives traffic and builds baskets simultaneously
  • Reduces tasks for in-store personnel


Operating at a lower intensity, (1000NIT) the interior messaging is set to build baskets.

Outward facing side operates at a brighter intensity (3000NIT) and drives traffic.

GSP not only delivered a new sign type for our stores, they engineered a solution for us that allows growth for our evolving initiatives.”
- Jacquelynn Henderson, Director of Marketing, MAPCO