Store Survey Uncovers Thousands in Savings

The Challenge

Crocs, a leader in casual footwear, asked us to survey all locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. They did not have the data to understand what graphics each store needed, which resulted in overage being sent. They had to guess at store distributions and there were lots of reprints.

The Solution

We developed a plan to gather and maintain their store profile data so they could send stores exactly what they needed. The info is now accessible 24/7 on the cloud-based AccuStore® platform for smarter ordering decisions.

The Results

Thousands Saved

The spring/summer ’18 campaign rollout costs $40k less than S/S ‘17 because they used accurate sign types and quantities. Crocs estimates these same savings will be realized throughout each of their campaigns.

Fewer Reprints

Rollouts used to involve a number of reprints due to inaccurate sign types, which confused the stores. With AccuStore robust profiling and automated creation of store-level distributions, store kit accuracy has increased dramatically.

Automated Distribution

We’ve added sign types and stored distribution information in AccuStore so the VM manager doesn’t have to worry about where to keep the data.