GSP Drives Production with New, High-Volume Durst Rho Printer

Clearwater, FL, March 23, 2017 – GSP, a leading provider of retail services, is proud to announce that it has acquired a new high-quality, high-volume printer to speed production capability and capacity.

GSP chose a Durst Rho 312R print system, which can be used for quality back-lit signage, POP, banners or even fine art printing. According to Vice President of Operations Elaine Scrima, “This roll-to-roll printer offers a unique combination of excellent image quality along with unrivalled production speed that will help GSP become even more efficient in handling the varied needs of our growing client base.”

“This new print system features a high performance variable drop print head technology,” said Scrima. “It can print two large rolls of media at the same time using individual print queues. This allows us to maximize our production flow to accommodate demand.”

“Maintaining our leadership in print quality is important to GSP,” added Scrima. “This will help to expand our capacity and work hand-in-hand with our smart distribution technology to guarantee the right sign gets to the right store every time.”

Founded in 1978, GSP is a retail services provider located in Clearwater, Florida, with three regional production facilities (Clearwater; Provo, Utah; and Madison, Wisconsin). By using surveys and a proprietary software system, GSP helps retailers accurately measure and store site data, guaranteeing the right size sign is delivered to the right store every time with no overage. GSP offers award-winning marketing, design services, visual merchandising, food photography, best-in-class graphics and smart POP program management to more than 60,000 retail locations throughout North America. Recent growth led GSP to add AccuStore, a survey, app and site profiling software brand, and the large-format graphics lab Great Big Pictures, which specializes in fashion retail. For more information, visit

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