Burger King's Successful POP Strategy

Burger King's Successful POP Strategy - GSP

Burger King’s mission statement is simple and to the point: To offer reasonably priced quality food, served quickly in attractive, clean surroundings. Its marketing supports this by enticing customers with plenty of reminders of featured food offerings and competitive prices. The fast-food giant uses signage to guide the customer from the parking lot to the drive-thru and into the store. Its most effective tactic is mouth-watering food photography.


According to The Motley Fool, Burger King’s strategy is to not launch as many products as its rivals but to make “a big deal” out of each launch. “We continue to launch fewer and more impactful products and maintain a balanced approach on menu and marketing,” CEO Daniel Schwartz has said.


Burger King Hot Dogs

Food photography takes center stage in all its marketing signage that is strategically placed throughout the property on flags, standees, window banners, menu board callouts and wall posters. Even the napkin holder acts as a reminder. The signage is used to showcase new items or promotions, such as a 2 for $10 Whopper meal.

Burger King is also known to use in-store marketing to create a buzz – and not afraid to pull funny pranks. As an April Fools Day joke, Burger King surprised its meat-loving customers with an “Impossible Whopper” – a plant-based version of the brand’s iconic hamburger.

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