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POP Effectiveness: Research Shows POP Signs Sell

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POP Effectiveness

A Review of the Latest Research

GSP is often asked how effective point of purchase (POP) is in driving sales and influencing buyer purchases. Research into the effectiveness of POP Advertising has focused on answering three key questions:

1) Does POP generate a sales lift?
2) Do consumers recall POP messages?
3) What type of POP generates the best results?

Studies have found POP displays to be effective in increasing sales when used effectively. When consumers are at a store, or point of sale, they are more likely to purchase a good than at any other time or place. When at a point of purchase, the buyer’s mind is in shopping mode, and at it is at this time that POP signs are best at influencing their valuable opinion.

Other research findings:

  • Cigarette, carbonated beverage and coffee advertising was recalled most often by shoppers. Shoppers had better recall when advertising communicated a retail savings or provided an incentive to purchase. POP on the outside window, in the foodservice area or at the register provided the best overall recall.
  • According to POPAI channel study results, sales increases from POP averaged 9.2% across c-stores with lifts as high as 97.1%.
  • In a Convenience Channel Study by POPAI, 40% of shoppers recalled seeing advertising in the store. In-store advertising was present for 37.8% of products purchased. The majority of consumers agree that advertising signs provide helpful information, especially to make them aware a product is on sale, and that POP signs in c-store windows catch their attention.

The result of these shopper surveys and consumer research show that Point of purchase signage is effective in providing sales lift - POP signs truly sell.

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