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June 2014 VOLUME 6 ISSUE 2
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How Online Media is Impacting Modern Graphics
Retailer Focus: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
The Execution Challenge
3 Ideas to Boost Summer Beer Sales
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GSP to Showcase Food Photography and Impactful POP Ideas at Foodservice at Retail Exchange Conference
GSP Wins Design Award for Corporate Web Site
GSP Adds Improved Functionality to its POPInteract™ POP Order Data Platform
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Simple does it… a look at McDonald’s POP
Effective POP Design
The Execution Challenge
Inexpensive Tools to Improve the In-store Experience

How Online Media is Impacting Modern Graphics

A Look at New Design Trends: Incorporating Flat, Filtered and Lifestyle Images

 How Online Media is Impacting Modern GraphicsThe proliferation of online media is having major impacts on graphic design and, therefore, on POP design. In the following, GSP’s Design team takes a look at some of the ways that current POP graphics reflect common design trends in online media..... FULL STORY


Retailer Focus: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

From Umbrellas to Spoons, How a Growing Retailer Brings a Compelling Brand to Life

Retailer Focus: Menchie’s Frozen YogurtEstablished in 2007, Menchie’s is North America’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, and has over 380 locations with 400 locations in further development throughout the US, Canada and 15 other countries worldwide. Menchie’s focuses on serving the highest quality product with friendly customer service in an inviting store design..... FULL STORY


The Execution Challenge

Making Your Marketing Plans a Store-level Reality

The Execution ChallengeMost retailers recognize that there is a gap between the marketing strategies they craft in their head office and the marketing program that is executed in each store. And a lot of bottom line profit can slip through that gap. For a c-store with $1M in annual .... FULL STORY


3 Ideas to Boost Summer Beer Sales

Create a Beer Cave Destination and Incorporate Mix & Match 6-Packs, Impactful POP

 3 Ideas to Boost Summer Beer SalesWith summer and beer season upon us, here are some innovative POP ideas that will best capture the beer customer’s attention, help drive traffic to your beer displays and encourage repeat business all summer long..... FULL STORY


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