Three Ways to Achieve Better Store Execution

How to achieve success at the store level: Improve store-level execution and watch the results trickle up throughout your corporation. It will improve organizational efficiency, increase the accuracy of your marketing and help you achieve faster campaign rollouts. The entire customer experience gets better. Operational compliance improves and you’ll even realize considerable cost savings by eliminating waste.

We’ve compiled three examples to show how retailers are leveraging site profiling tools and services to improve execution and transform retail performance:

Better Communication to the Field

1. Better Communication to the Field

By providing 100% site-specific sales planners, this 800-store chain simplified its monthly campaign rollouts—and saved considerable time in not only planning but execution at the store level. Implementing marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively resulted in cost savings and improved retail performance.

Result: Execution was expedited, costs were lowered and the customer experience was improved. Read full success story.

Better Execution Management

2. Better Execution Management

This 500-store Midwest convenience chain utilized our site profile management platform with mobile capability for ongoing, automatic database updates, reporting consistency, and to ensure each store’s specific needs were met.

Result: The built-in online survey tool helped this retailer quickly collect data to ensure correct quantities of marketing materials and fixtures made it to the right stores. Execution improved, the customer experience was enhanced and they achieved a cost savings of 35%! Read full success story.

Better Store-level Understanding

3. Better Store-level Understanding

A well-known 1000-store chain wanted to make in-store improvements but was stalled by a lack of trustworthy site-level data. The AccuStore team implemented an on-site survey at all locations. Now armed with a complete, accurate set of store profile data, the retailer was able to determine the specific investment needed at each store and expedite the rollout of capital improvements across its network.

Result: On-site surveys and site intelligence helped to lower costs, improve execution, strengthen the customer experience and help this retailer truly know its stores better. Read full success story.