6 Secrets to Effective Store Signage

Your store’s signage reflects your brand and can directly impact your revenue. About 76 percent of customers enter a store because of its signs, while approximately 68 percent make purchases based solely upon store signage. Here are a few tips to ensure your signage is working for and not against you.

  1. Have a Plan – Great windows require time to allow merchandising and marketing to collaborate and plan. Creating an event calendar can help you track competitors, align with sales holidays and save on shipping by placing orders early.
  2. Tell a Story – Nearly 80 percent of customers want brands to share a story. With retail signage, that can be accomplished by tying individual merchant offerings under a theme that speaks to your customers’ lifestyles. For example, during summer months, it could be “Poolside Must-Haves” and spotlight grab ‘n go items, beverages and snacks. By using storefront windows to tell a story, retailers can engage customers in a unique, more memorable, limited-time opportunity.
  3. Limit Colors – Too many colors or patterns can distract customers or make it difficult to focus. Ensure colors allow for optimal contrast with copy. It’s best to feature dark lettering against a light background. Additionally, keeping sign color palettes consistent helps customers easily remember and recognize your stores’ branding.
  4. Keep Messaging at Eye Level – Storefront messaging should be visible from the road. Test signage visibility by looking at it from inside a passing car to find the right height. It’s important that letters are in clear, readable fonts large enough to see from a distance.
  5. Know Your Lighting Conditions – Signs featuring oranges, yellows and other bright colors are challenging to read when positioned in direct sunlight or under harsh lighting. Keep in mind, if store windows are tinted windows, darker colors are difficult to see.
  6. Customize Your Message – Tailor marketing by store to guarantee your message resonates with customers. Make sure marketing ideas fit the store locations and customer demographics. Consider using store intelligence technology to help create hyperlocal campaigns.

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