Retail Better: High-Impact In-store Marketing Relies on Repetition 

On the 3000 Mile Store Walk, which is our survey of convenience store marketing, we walk each store from the outside in. We walk the store just like the shoppers walk the stores, from each zone at the street, to the pumps and into the store. It’s all about the customer journey. 

In-store marketing requires time to get each customer’s attention and for them to understand the offer. One of the best practices we see all the time is the way Wawa positions their promotions from the outside in. They do it with strong photography, great graphics, simple headlines and no price point.  

And when you walk a Wawa c-store, you see an impact at the street, at the pumps, at the front of the store, into the store at the decompression zone, and right up to the destination where one orders the sandwich. It’s promoted as “Cheesy, Melty, Toasty.” On a recent store walk, I think I saw the “Cheesy, Melty, Toasty” message about 10 times before I got to the order counter. 

It’s to the point. It makes sense. Repetition Counts.