Design Tips Guaranteed to Increase Convenience Store Traffic

Remodeling, refreshing or reimaging your convenience store are smart ways to attract new and existing customers. However, before you begin making these upgrades, it’s important to think about how your newly designed c-store can increase and drive traffic. Here are some ideas to consider while planning your next c-store remodel or redesign.

Design to Support Your Brand

  • Establish a brand and overall vision that captures and embraces your c-store’s essence and can easily build loyalty.
  • Make sure all brand messaging is truly consistent and follows brand identity standards – from marketing collateral to the way store employees communicate with customers – help customers remember your brand every time they see a social media post, billboard or email.
  • Remember to tie your brand together in your new stores and legacy stores – don’t allow customers to confuse your store with the competition.
  • Create a campaign calendar to build excitement around your brand.

Design for Customer Experience

  • Think about the way your stores will look at all hours, not just in the afternoon or morning – your c-stores should come alive at night as well as appear welcoming and inviting from dusk until dawn.
  • Consider your shoppers’ safety and visibility when designing forecourt lighting – customers prefer to refuel at stations that are well-lit in the evening and early morning hours. Fuel stations with above-average outdoor lighting ratings drove 25.9 percent more visits than their below average competitors during Q1 of 2019.
  • Make ongoing updates to keep stores neat and modern – nearly 83 percent of c-store customers consider store design and upkeep to have a strong or moderate influence on where they shop.
  • Win the hearts of c-store shoppers and road trippers with clean, modern and refreshed bathrooms – these c-stores are doing it right.
  • Remember that a simple refresh can go along way – focusing on fountain and frozen drinks can increase your sales by 25 percent.

Design to Sell Product

  • Keep in mind that your stores are a sea of color – make your signage pop in a smart way while keeping your branding consistent – use colors that create a sense of urgency.
  • Make your zones work for you, don’t ignore areas that allow you to share your story – you only have seconds to capture your customers attention, don’t miss out on key opportunities.
  • Include an indoor or outdoor seating area and free WiFi to encourage customers to stay a while and purchase a meal rather than just a beverage or snack – remind shoppers that your store isn’t just a c-store, but a gathering place or destination.
  • Think ahead about campaigns – 73 percent of customers say that the best promotions are those that have discounted fuel with in-store purchases.
  • Create décor and signage that connects and promotes brands and products local to your store areas – according to GasBuddy, more than 50 percent of c-store customers visit locations within six miles of their homes or places of employment.

Design for the Future

  • Remember to design for the future, not just your c-store’s rollout – for example, be sure to provide charging areas for electric vehicles.
  • Emphasize and enhance foodservice, beverage stations and beer destinations – as tobacco laws and mandates make selling vape products and cigarettes increasingly difficult, now’s the time to innovate, boost and promote your other c-store offerings.
  • Think innovatively and aesthetically, don’t be afraid to disrupt tradition and the break away from the common c-store look and feel – Rogers Market and the 7-Eleven lab store are great examples.
  • Ensure the layout of your store allows dedicated areas for mobile pickups, scan and go technology and other seamless and frictionless shopping trends – from delivery to order-ahead, today’s retail technology is taking convenience to another level.
  • Utilize durable and evergreen fixtures, fountain areas and graphical elements that can stand the test of time and are easy for your staff to update, refresh, maintain and clean.

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National Hot Dog Day Convenience Store Freebies & Deals

July 17 is National Hot Dog Day and convenience stores such as Circle K Stores, Pilot Flying J, 7-Eleven, and more are celebrating with freebies and hot dog offers. National Hot Dog Day is a big deal on social media. According to social-media software firm, Sprout Social, #NationalHotDogDay was trending on Twitter with 40,599 mentions last year. We scoured Twitter to find the hottest National Hot Dog Day deals, check it out.

Circle K Stores – Circle K is taking National Hot Dog Day to another level with $1 hot dogs the entire month of July. Check their site for details on the c-store’s Dollar Dog campaign.

Love’s – Oklahoma City-based Love’s has teamed up with Schwab Meat Co. to dole out free hot dogs at participating locations in 41 states. Hot dog fans can visit or access the Love’s app for a special coupon barcode.

MAPCO – Franklin, Tenn.-based MAPCO is giving My Reward$ members one free hot dog at participating MAPCO stores, no points necessary.

Pilot Flying J – By accessing the Pilot Flying J app on National Hot Dog Day, customers can score a coupon for a free roller grill item or hot dog at one of the c-stores 750 locations in 44 states. First-time app users get a free beverage to wash down their free dog.

7-Eleven – 7-Eleven fans are invited to pick up an all-beef Quarter Pound Big Bite hot dog for only $1 on July 17

Speedway – Speedway customers can download a coupon from the retailers’ social media accounts or app to score a $1 hot dog at participating Speedway c-stores.

TravelCenters of America – UltraONE loyalty program members can receive one free hot dog at participating TravelCenters of America, Petro Stopping Centers and TA Express locations. Coupons can be printed at the UltraONE kiosk until 11:59 p.m. on July 17.

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