Retailer Focus: Publix

POP Lessons from the Grocery Industry.

Established in 1930, Publix is one of the 10 largest-volume supermarket chains in the US and has close to 1,100 store locations throughout the Southeast. Billed as the chain “Where Shopping is a Pleasure,” Publix has expanded its offerings beyond traditional grocery to include pharmacy and wellness, as well as a fast-growing prepared foods offering.

GSP’s design team toured some of Publix’s Florida locations to review how store décor and in-store marketing promote seasonal offerings, private label products as well as food to go.

A consistent brand presentation

Publix stores are inviting, well lit and organized. The Publix green logo color is represented consistently throughout the interior. Each major food or service category in the store has a large semi-permanent identifier sign that creates mini-destinations throughout the store, and helps customers navigate easily to each area.

In addition to the aisle descriptor signs, the stores also incorporate large hanging lifestyle images that create a mood, tell a story and are tied to holidays and seasons. And they correspond to products on offer in the aisles – for example currently images of Thanksgiving with vases of flowers, pumpkin pie and pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. These images are also incorporated in the Publix TV commercials as part of an integrated omni-channel campaign.

Impactful, tasteful product promotion

Featured products are bundled together and presented uniquely on endcaps, like the Red Bull display featuring single service items in a cooler. Moveable bulk bins are also used throughout the store for high visibility.

Seasonal displays near the entrance call attention to key products relevant to holidays or events, such as the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving etc. We liked the use of weather-resistant outside standees to promote new foodservice offerings.

In addition to the organic Greenwise private label offerings, Publix also has its own private label brand in stores with products that are less expensive and feature its logo for top of mind brand awareness at home. Both are well designed and highly visible throughout the store.

Other brand extensions include reusable grocery bags, Apron Simple Meal program recipe cards, free quarterly magazines and children’s coloring books. The Publix overarching theme centers around family and celebration; this is evident in all they do.

Key Marketing/POP lessons from Publix:

  • Strong Brand Identifiers – Prominent logo outside and throughout the store.
  • Category Signage – Utilize distinct easy-to-see signs for each major category that create mini-destinations throughout the store.
  • Lifestyle Images – The use of lifestyle and seasonal images help consumers establish an emotional connection to the brand—and essentially to the product advertised.
  • Effective Displays – Use bulk bin, end cap and seasonal displays to call attention to specific products or promotions.
  • Outside POP – Advertise new foodservice offerings on outside standees to prompt customers to come inside for a quick to go meal.
  • Brand extensions – Well-branded private label products and useful items that help keep the brand top of mind when not in stores.

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