Sign Placement Guides

Site-specific sign placement guides enable 100% compliance of your retail strategy, faster implementation of new POP and improved store-level results.

We deliver every site-specific sign kit with a 100% site-specific sign placement guide—providing each store manager with easy to follow guides for improved execution. These sign placement guides are generated by POPRender™, our store-level execution tool, and delivers your marketing vision just the way you pictured it—achieving 100% compliance of your retail strategy. The placement guides, or essentially store-specific blueprints, are created by placing a digital image of the specific POP sign in the exact location it should be placed in the store. POPRender™ enables Category Managers, Marketing Directors and Communications Managers to finally "get on the same page" with in-store personnel. 100% site-specific sign placement guides eliminate manager confusion, and the frustration of fitting a generic template to a unique store layout by considering each promotion and every detail of a store’s interior and exterior architectural features. Sign placement guides ensure fast and seamless implementation of new POP and enable store managers to easily audit campaign execution—for improved store-level results.